LLC “Mubarek gas processing plant»


Mubarek gas processing plant was established by The decision of the USSR Council of Ministers № 51 dated August 23, 1965.

 LLC “Mubarek gas processing plant” is designed to remove acidic components (hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide) and the dehydration of natural gas; sulfur recovery; obtaining a propane-butane mixture and natural gas condensate from natural gas.

 The plant applied the absorption method of natural gas purification by amine absorbers.

 Purified from the acidic component of the gas is subjected to drying installations low-temperature separation (HUNTS) units desulfurization and propane refrigeration complex (PCC).

 Ensuring that the refrigeration capacity is ammonia stations Ahsa and propane refrigeration unit with a PCC.

 Acidic gases from the desorption of gas sweetening plant through the installation of sulfur by the “Claus” in the purification of sour gas.

 Installations of propane-butane mixture (OPPBA) is obtained from natural gas, liquefied gas and stable gas condensate. According to the project, the capacity of three threads of the installation is up to 258.3 thousand tons of liquefied gas and up to 125 thousand tons of stable condensate per year.

 Let out production

Natural gases purified and drained according to O’zdst 948:2016 “Natural combustible Gases supplied to the main gas pipelines and transported through them. Technical conditions.»

 Gas sulphur, technical liquid and solid according to GOST 127.1-93 “Sulphur technical. Technical conditions.»

 The condensate gas stable under O’zDSt2978:2015 “The Condensate gas stable. Technical conditions.»

 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases according to GOST 20448-90 “Liquefied hydrocarbon Gases fuel for household consumption. Technical conditions.»

 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases churchyard 27578-87 “Liquefied hydrocarbon Gases for motor transport”.

 Raw material base

Raw natural gas for the installation of LLC “Mubarek gas processing plant” is supplied with the unit LLC “Mubarekneftegaz” and gas fields of LUKOIL.

 Energy supply

 Ensuring the production of water is done by two sources – groundwater Shahrisabz basin and surface water reservoirs Kuyu-Mazar.

 Heat energy is supplied to the IPPC from boiler rooms № 1, 2 (about 1800 thousand Gcal per year) and Mubarek CHP. (about 1900 thousand Gcal per year)

 The first boiler unit was put into operation in 1984.