Natural gases purified and drained, the quality of which must comply with O’zdst 948:2016 “Natural combustible Gases supplied to the main gas pipelines and transported through them. Technical conditions.»




Name of indicator


                   In summer                    In winter
1.Dew point temperature by moisture, ° C, not higher

by moisture

by hydrocarbons



0                                      minus 5

0                                         0

2. Gas temperature at the pipeline inlet, oC The temperature is set by the project
3. The volume fraction of oxygen,%, not more  

0,5                            0,5

4. Mass of the motor

impurities 1 m 3, g, not more


0,001                       0,001

5. Lower calorific value, MJ/m3 (kcal/m3) Not normalized

Definition of necessary

6.The value of the number

Wobbe index (superior), MJ/M3, (kcal/m3)

Not normalized

Definition of necessary

7. Mass concentration of hydrogen sulfide, g/m3,

no more than


0,007                        0,007

8. Mass concentration of mercaptan sulfur, g/m3, not more than  

0,016                        0,016